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Financial Management & Audit

At Chiotis Consulting, we have extensive experience and expertise in all financial management issues, that’s why we successfully support your operational improvement, profitability and sustainability.

Budget Compilation & Control
Through budget control, a company acquires a powerful tool for the implementation of its business goals. The Annual Budget is like a "Geographical Map" on which business management must be based in order to successfully navigate inside a constantly changing economic environment which is never completely visible or stable. Problems like low profitability, production-sales mismatch, high interest expenses, low operating profits, high cost-low profit ratio, high inventories and more, can be avoided if the budgeting and journal control system works properly.
We provide:

  • Recording, design and implementation of the company’s financial operation model
  • Yearly and monthly sales forecast preparation by volume and value
  • Income and expenditure budget preparation based on sales forecast
  • Reporting system concerning disparities found after comparison with budgeted figures
  • Corrective actions wherever and whenever needed
  • Monthly monitoring of the financial results deviations compared to the budgeted figures. This is achieved by drawing up income-expense statements (P&L Statement) and comparing them to the budget.

Diagnostic Business Audit

Our consultants have long and deep experience in financial analysis and corrective action planning in order to keep your business running profitably and optimally.

Chiotis Consulting undertakes:

  • Financial analysis of the current financial situation, but also of the overall course of the company
  • Financial monitoring of all relevant operational indicators
  • Evaluation of your accounting activities
  • Financial management holistic evaluation
  • Preparation for a corrective actions plan, so as the company can improve its financial results in the near and long-term future.

Reorganization & Performance Improvement
Our consultants are by your side for every decision, plan and step you take related to: reorganizing your operations, improving your business performance and devising a strategy related to growth, risk management, increased turnover and ultimately, your absolute success. We coordinate and monitor all the processes that lead to the realization of your financial goals and the achievement of maximum returns.

Costing & Pricing
By managing costing problems, the company is led to more rational decisions regarding existing functions or required changes in matters of pricing policy, new investments, etc. In most businesses today, the process and the outcome of costing has become a formality and is perceived as a “tax obligation”. But in reality, proper costing is an extremely valuable tool at the management's disposal, which -if used well- can add tremendous value to the business. At Chiotis Consulting, we believe 100% in this fact, that’s why we have all relevant costing procedure and tools to cover your needs.

More specifically, we provide:

  • Recording and analysis of the existing costing system
  • Selection of the most suitable costing system that will fully support your business decisions (e.g. Activity Based Costing)
  • Profit before Taxes calculation by customer category (Profit by Product/Customer)
  • Monitoring of balance sheets and results of competing companies
  • Leveraging balance sheet analysis to greatly improve your business's competitiveness
  • Technical tools (software) application for modern costing procedures
  • Continuous inspection of the costing system and beneficial improvements suggestion

Conversions - Mergers - Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions are a method of business modernization, resolution and resizing, drastically increasing viability and competitive advantage. In addition, they are an entry ticket especially for small and medium-sized enterprises to the financing program and resources of the Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF), since by increasing their size, SMEs facilitate access to the Fund's resources. Our advisors choose the right path and procedure for your business, monitoring the tax and development laws, to provide the best possible result for your corporate transformation.

Business plan
Especially nowadays when the economic domestic and international environment receives constant adjustments and pressures, the right business plan is of crucial importance and must include not only the business objectives and description, but also: market research, marketing plan, complete financial planning, detailed plan development actions and functions and of course, the team that will implement the above.
Tell us your idea and we will design together a valid business plan and all the related steps that will lead you to… success!

Chiotis Consulting

  • Financial & Consulting Services
  • Budget Compilation & Control
  • Tax Declarations and Financial Statements
  • Accounting Organization Digitalization & Supervision
  • Payroll Services, Labor & Insurance Issues Management
  • Tax Debts Settlement
  • Business Plans and Company Formation
  • Viability & Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Management and Risk Management
  • Financial & Diagnostic Audits
  • Reorganization & Performance Improvement
  • Conversions, Mergers, Acquisitions
  • Participation for NSRF and other Development Programs
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